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recommends these exceptional values for the discriminating buyer:

MUSIC We Are One by Christian country gospel singer Sandy Samples - Available in CD-ROM or cassette; great listening and a superb new talent from the Lone Star State! Download a sample of We Are One and/or Drivin' Nails now. (HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Hold down the shift key and click on the appropriate .wav name. Caution: each .wav is approximately 1 meg. in size). To listen on-line to We Are One or Drivin' Nails, click here. To listen to a sound clip of Drivin' Nails, click here. Note: These pages are VERY slow to load. Please be patient. 8-)

MUSIC Sunday Best by Christian country gospel singer and songwriter Justin Todd Herod - Available in CD-ROM or cassette. Sizzling lyrics straight from the heart of a gentleman who knows what it is to meet Jesus face to face when you're down and out - and to have his life changed for the better for all eternity!

ART Inspired artistry by American Christian artist John 3-John-2 Pettinato. Browse to your heart's content; then order the gift of a lifetime!


Created May 2, 1998
Copyright 1998 by Doris Howie