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We have chosen what we believe is the best WWW Message Board presently available (especially in our price range - it's free!); namely, the Ultimate Bulletin Board.

There are two types of viewing available, a java enhanced and non java version. Follow the links below to choose which version your browser supports. The java version is more configurable than the non-java.

FONT COLOR="#0000FF">In order to post, you must register a username and password. If you choose that the username/password be kept, the program will give you a cookie, but this is just so your browser session will be easier to use, and will only register the username and password you choose, no other information will be collected.

The CAREport Message Board is here to serve the needs of the Christian community, on-line and off. If there are other discussion areas you would like to suggest, or if you would like personal (and of course confidential) assistance, please feel free to e-mail us or telephone The Careman at 519-338-2824.

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